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Roofing Westlake: How to tell if you need to replace your roof

There are a lot of warning signs that you might be due for a new roof. Westlake roofing can cost be very expensive. You definitely want to make sure your roof is in need of repair before you spend thousands on a new roof. Once your roof has reached 20 years of age it will definitely be in need of repair. If your shingles are cracked or missing you will need new roofing. Also if any of the corners of the shingles are curled that could indicate need of repair. Bald shingles also must be replaced. Any water damage could also be a sign that you need roofing repairs. Luckily it doesn’t rain much in Westlake. The best way to know if you need to replace your roof is by having a roofing contractor check out your existing roof.

Westlake Village roofing
Diffrent styles of roofing


Roofing Material Cost

The list below is organized cheapest to most expensive


  1. Rolled Roofing
  1. Asphalt shingles
  1. Composite shingles
  1. Rubber shingles
  1. Tile
  1. Metal Shingles
  1. Standard seam metal roofing
  1. Slate Tiles
  1. Green (Living) roofing
  1. Copper

Westlake Roofing Cost and Time?

There are many thing that go into re-roofing a building in Westlake Village. The size of the roof plays a big role on timing and price. Also the pitch of the roof will be a determining factor. People use many different building materials from cheap roll out roofing to expensive copper. Pricing for materials is never the same. It is always changing. As oil and metals become more scarce the prices tend to increase.When deciding what to use you have to know what your long term goal is. Durability, price, looks, eco-friendliness? These will all greatly vary the price and time it takes to have roofing done one your building. The DIY pricing of roofing could be as low as 2000-4000 dollars. While hiring a licensed roofing contractor would run you 4000-12000 dollars. The average time of a professional reroofing is 3-4 days. DIY time is usually at least double that. Partial repairs by the pros takes 1-2 days. Pricing and time varies greatly from house to house. Usually you can get a free estimate by a local contractor before you start the project in Westlake, Ca.

Roofing License in California

Westlake Roofing Contractors don’t  need a special license to roof houses. However, they do need a Contractors license. Contractors licenses are need to bid a couple thousand dollar job like this. Make sure that you are dealing with a certified professional when you get your house re-roofed. There are also other builders laws they must follow. As well as development and supplier laws in Westlake.

Westlake roofing Eco-friendly Roofing solutions : Solar roofing 

Westlake roofing focuses on doing what is best for you and the environment is always rewarding. Will break-through roofing technology we can do things never before possible. Things that will help lower the earth pollution level. We can be eco-friendly while also helping our bank accounts. Roofer can install solar panels on houses. Solar panel roofs lowers the use of fossil fuels. Solar roofing also lowers electric bills tremendously. Although the initial cost is expensive it has a long term return. Solar roofing will also increase the value of your house tremendously. Other eco-friendly options include living roofing. Such as green plant. This type of roofing is very popular yet. It doesn’t work in all situations. However, if used it will produce oxygen and revitalizing the environment. This method is also rather expensive. However, the long term rewards are plentiful.

Installing solar panels is a great way to save money on electricity monthly. Solar roofing has never been so affordable until now. We can do the install from start to finish saving you money.